S is for Sisters.

Sisters for me has a different meaning than sibling. I have a half-sister but ever since I left home at the age of 18 ( She was 7 — now 34 and I am 44) she has treated me like I do not exist and always introduced me (after me leaving home) as her ‘half-sister’ to her friends. Yes, I just called her my half-sister but that is because she hasn’t been worthy to be called just sister in the last 27 years even though I have tried to mend things. She is a lot like our father…pretty much acts like I don’t exist and while it hurts on occasion, for the most part I have moved on and have gained sisters that are not blood related but are always there for me when I need them….like a sister should be.

I have quite a few that I call Sister. I will not name them as they know who they are and I love each and every one of them. I don’t know what I would have done over the last few years without their love, support, and prodding. Along with my husband, they have pushed me to work on my writing and have supported everything I have written, given suggestions, helped on occasion, and have made me a bit more confident about my writing.

To me, a sister is there when you need support, comfort, laughs, and just there to listen. Something my younger sister has never done sadly, but that is her loss not mine…not anymore.  I have more sisters than I ever dreamed of and I thank the Goddess for all of them!

~Namaste and Blessings~


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