Writing Prompt

The writing prompt was as follows: A picture of a shopping bag, a pair of heels, and a trilby (a soft felt hat with a narrow brim and indented crown). You come up with a character’s name, age, job, nationality, and city of residence then you write two sentences of a story using this information. So here is what I came up with. Hoping to come up with more soon!



Victoria, 120 years old, owns an art gallery, vampire, Austin Texas.

After a long evening of shopping, Victoria enters her art gallery, Immortality, dropping all her bags on her assistant’s desk, pulls her trilby off, ruffling her short curly brown hair, then plops down in the closest chair.

“Phew! That was fun! Xavier, please bring those into my room and put everything away for me? I need to get ready for this evening’s show. Oh, the black bag is a gift for you for being such a wonderful friend and assistant.”

She smiled at him as she got up, kicked off her red heels, grabbed them, and walked upstairs to prepare for her new artist’s first show. She was looking forward to this one…Lucian was an up and coming unique artist and of all the galleries in the city he chose hers!

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