I is for Imagination. #9 in Alphabet Challenge

Imagination is something that most people say are only for children.  They have imaginary friends, come up with games and stories that they play with their toys, siblings, and friends, and sometimes will stare off into space and daydream.

However, imagination is NOT just for children. Creative people have loads of imagination. Adults without imagination would be horrible! We wouldn’t have books, tv shows, music, video games, or movies.  Artists of every type have a lot of imagination, they are just different types. There is no creativity without imagination, so those that lose their imagination as they get older are usually the ones that are seen as workaholics, boring, and too serious.

Most people have imagination, they just choose to stop paying attention to it when they become old enough to start working, get married, and have kids.  I was one of those. I went in the Navy, got married, had kids, and had forgotten about my creativity and let my writing fall to the wayside. Once I got remarried, my husband helped me remember my creativity and I have found new creative abilities that help my imagination go wild.

I am glad I have imagination and that most of my friends have a bunch of it as well. I think everyone should let their imagination run wild every now and again, as long as it isn’t going to hurt them or anyone else ;).

So take sometime and go be creative! “See” you next time!

~Namaste and Blessings~



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