G is for Grandchildren – #7 in Alphabet challenge!

What can I say about grandchildren really? Grandchildren are blessings because that means your bloodline will continue and the grandparents get to have little ones to spoil! I myself have 2 — one blood (Domonic) and one (Seth) that is the child of  a couple of my ‘adopted’ kids — friends of my children — and I adore both of them. And as you see, both are boys lol. I keep telling all the kids they need to do something about this and someone needs to give me a granddaughter lol! I am constantly walking through the stores and seeing all these adorable little dresses and hair-bows and things and saying to my husband “Someone really needs to have a girl next!” Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty cute things that I see for the boys too, but anyone that just has sons/grandsons understands what I am saying!

And to end this very short blog as honestly I cannot think of anything else to say about them:

~Namaste and Bright Blessings~


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