F is for Friendship! #6 in the Alphabet Challenge

Friendship. Something everyone wants when they start school but don’t always get. I always had friends growing up, but sadly, out of almost 45 years of life, I am only in contact with ONE person that I have known since I was 15. The others just kind of fell out of my life because I didn’t fit their nice little society perfect bubbles.

That is the problem with Friendship.  You find friends that will be with you for life, there are those that are in your life to teach you lessons — that you usually don’t figure out until after they are gone –, and then there are those that are only friends with you because they want something from you. Fair-weathered friends are what the last two have always been called. I have had a lot of those and it always makes me sad when I lose certain people because you want so hard to believe that they really like you and care about you, and then weeks/months/years later you find out all they wanted was 1) money or 2)they were spying on you for others cause they liked to gossip and could really care less about your life. Oh and there are also those that act like friends because they see you doing well business wise and do everything they can to ruin your reputation with the other people you have trusted.

When I tell people I am their friend, it is for life, unless they choose to stop or do something that causes me to lose trust in them. I have had people stop being friends with me because I’m Pagan, because I’m Bi and very open about it, because I don’t like guns/hunting, because I’m opinionated, and, here’s the big one, because I’m HONEST. I do not sugar coat things. I would rather people be honest with me then lie, so I am the same way.

Friends should have different opinions, but not want their friends to change their minds unless THEY want to. For instance, as I said, I am Pagan, and I post a lot of things on my FB profile regarding various Pagan beliefs for many reasons. One, because I like whatever it says and Two, because I like to educate those on my friends list that otherwise may not have known this particular information. They don’t have to read it…that’s what scrolling is meant for! If someone doesn’t like something that I posted, that’s fine with me, but I will not tolerate people who say they are my friends try and start fights on whatever subject it is. That is one of the big things about friendship. Some friends will agree with or believe in the same things as you do, others will not. Having different opinions/beliefs don’t mean you can’t be friends. If you cannot be tried and true to those you say are your friends all cause they don’t believe everything you do, then you are not a friend.

Friends do not push their beliefs on others….Friends do not get mad because you do not like some of the same things as they do….Friends do not get mad because you offer your opinion/suggestion when ASKED and they don’t like your answer…and most of all, Friends are there for each other no matter what. They check up on each other, not necessarily every day cause we all have things to do/busy lives/etc, but they don’t go months/years without saying something to each other or some kind of heads up if they are gonna disappear for a bit.  If I haven’t heard from someone who I know is a good friend (or soul sisters as some women are to me) in awhile, I will send a message or text their way just saying ‘hey hope you’re ok’ or something to that fact so that they know they mean enough to me that I took time out of my day to make sure they were ok.

As you can see, friendship is a big thing to me but I have learned over the last few years as I am getting older, that it is not how many friends you have..its the quality of the few. I love those that I consider my sisters/best friends/close friends and hope that we will be connected for a very long time.

So please, take what I have said to heart. Really think about how you treat others or how they treat you and make sure these are people you truly want in your life. I tell a couple of my sisters that have had issues with people “If they cannot be truthful to your face and if they are trying to force you to be someone you are not, they are not worth your time.”

Always be YOU and no one else. YOU are who has to live your life, no one else and you need to surround yourself with those that like/love you BECAUSE you are YOU.


~Namaste and Blessings~


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