E is for Elephant! Day 5 of Alphabet Challenge


((Sorry for the lack of blogs…I had a really bad headache for 3 days. I will be doing 3 today and 3 tomorrow so I can be caught up and on track Saturday! Thank you for your patience and understanding!))

Elephants are the largest land mammal on Earth and are beloved by many.  Some cultures even revere them. There are two types of elephants: African and Asian. The African are the bigger of the two and weighs up to eight tons. The Asian elephant’s ears are straight at the bottom, while the African’s is fan-shaped and only some Asian elephant males have tusks. All African elephants, females included, have tusks and they are either left-tusked or right-tusked. One tusk is always smaller than the other due to more wear and tear. The Asian elephant has four toes on the hind foot and five on the forefoot, while the African elephant has three on the hind foot and five on the forefoot.

I love elephants. Always have. They are so large, yet so gentle and loving, and take care of their young as a group. Unfortunately too many people love their ivory more than them and they have become endangered. Today, the most urgent threat to elephants is large-scale poaching to supply the illegal ivory trade. Other threats facing elephants in Africa and Asia include conflict with humans and habitat loss and degradation.

Why does saving the elephants matter?

  • They help maintain forest and savanna ecosystems for other species, and are integrally tied to rich biodiversity.
  • They directly influence forest composition and density, and can alter the broader landscape.
  • In tropical forests, elephants create clearings and gaps in the canopy that encourage tree regeneration.
  • In the savannas, they reduce bush cover to create an environment favorable to a mix of browsing and grazing animals.
  • The seeds of many plant species are dependent on passing through an elephant’s digestive tract before they can germinate. It is calculated that at least a third of tree species in central African forests rely on elephants in this way for distribution of seeds.

And on top of all that, they are just awesome, beautiful creatures that are worth saving.

All information is from here: http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/elephant if you wish to learn more and find out how you can help save these awesome mammals.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information on elephants and I hope you go and learn more about them and see what you can do to help!

~Namaste & Blessings~



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