C is for Coloring! 3rd day of Alphabet Challenge

Coloring. When most people hear that word, they picture 4-10 year olds sprawled on the floor of the living room or their bedroom or even sitting at a table using an array of crayons and markers and pencils to add color to their favorite characters in a coloring book.

Well, nowadays, it is no longer just for children. Adults are now enjoying buying coloring books for themselves and losing themselves for hours. Why? Because for one, no one ever said it was just for kids. Two, it is fun and adults need to have fun sometimes too. And three, because it has now been proven to help adults get a handle on stress and other mental issues.  It has been shown now to help those dealing with anxiety and depression.

Because it is relaxing and as I stated earlier, people lose themselves in it and forget whatever they were depressed or anxious or stressed about. Yes, there are plenty of articles I could post here proving that, but that’s what google is for. If you can read my blog, you can go to google and find out yourself that I am not just spouting crap lol. I also know this from experience.

I have always loved to color, but I have always loved to add color to many things. I love to paint too. And it truly IS very relaxing and fun to do — especially if you are coloring with others — and it has helped me not only de-stress, but it also has been helping me figure out what colors go best with what, how to blend, and has helped me learn which coloring pages/books are better with crayons, pencils, gel pens, and markers. I am an artist in many ways and having new ways to learn my craft and get better at my various crafts makes me happy. When I am happy, my stress lessens and my depression and anxieties go away, and best of all, it makes my wonderfully supportive and loving hubby happy and that is the best thing of all.

Enjoy two of my coloring pages and then tune in tomorrow for my 4th post, which will be discussing dreams and dream interpretations!


~Namaste and Happy Coloring~

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