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This is a fantastic idea and I hope this helps my dear friend as I think she is a great writer and I truly wish her the best in her endeavor!


Another writer, a dear friend of mine, was challenged to do the the alphabet challenge on her blog. It got me thinking…. in many directions. One that I wasn’t sure I could be as brave as she. She asked her friends for topics. That opens things up that I myself would be afraid to face. I am a coward sometimes when it comes to blogging. I really don’t like that about myself. I have written and erased quite a few because they felt tooo much like either I was whining or that I was having a pity party.
Second, and to me more important, it got me wanting to brainstorm. Which I was doing, on a sleep deprived mind. I think my mind works oddly better on little to no sleep. So i decided to try to do a alphabet style challenge of my own. However, I will do it…

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