B- Barbarism: Second day of Alphabet Challenge

(Sorry I’m late. Been dealing with headache last two days but will post both B & C tonight to make up!)

The definition of barbarism:


1. absence of culture and civilization.
“the collapse of civilization and the return to barbarism”
2. extreme cruelty or brutality.
“she called the execution an act of barbarism”

The absence of culture & civilization and extreme cruelty or brutality. Most people do not realize but this still goes on every day all around the world, it is written about in books, and is seen on a lot of movies and television shows. One such book series is A Song of Fire and Ice, or as most people know it better on t.v., Game of Thrones. I have just recently started watching it and am on Season 3 and the barbarism in this show is astounding. It truly shows how things were handled back when there were kings, queens, and castles and there was no technology, no cars, no planes, and certainly no ‘nice’ ways to kill people. The things King Joffrey Baratheon did to people were definitely a type of barbarism, even for those times.

The thing is, there are still people and cultures that are this vicious and cruel in this day and age. People call the death penalty here in the US barbaric, even though the majority of prison deaths are handled by lethal injection, which lets even the most vile of people die most peacefully than they deserve. I do not see the death penalty as a form of barbarism at all. There are actually some that I wish were given the electric chair, hung, or killed by firing squad in public. Those that don’t know me as well as others will be shocked to hear that as I am generally a peaceful person. However, I feel that those that commit murder, rape, & molest children do not deserve to have a peaceful death. They did not go to jail for stealing or doing/selling drugs. They commit heinous crimes, that to me, deserve the type of deaths that are deemed ‘barbaric’ and I am not apologetic at all for it.

The people that live outside of what is called ‘normal society’ are often referred to as barbarians and savages and that to me is just ignorance. Just because they choose to live in the wild or the desert and stick to the old ways of doing things does not make them barbarians. To me, committing acts like rape, murder, and killing animals cause you think its fun, is what is barbarism is.


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