First day of Alphabet writing — A for Animal Abuse.


This quote is very true. Sadly, our country, the USA, is not the best when it comes to protecting animals. Everyone has their different view on what animal abuse is. Some say its leaving animals chained up or just kept outside no matter the weather, beating them,  training them to be attack animals or fighting animals, kept in parks/zoos/etc, or how farm animals that are raised for food are treated.  I say ALL of the above is abusive, although not all farm animals are treated badly

To me, animals should be treated just like how you want to be treated. Those that are domesticated just want to be loved and taken care of and those in the wild just want to be left alone to do what they have done for eons — live, raise their young, hunt, and die.

People that abuse animals in any way are people that just have no conscious or empathy at all in my opinion.  I am tired of people saying ‘they are just things, they aren’t human, they don’t have souls/spirits so why should I treat them like my kids?’  No they aren’t human, but they are still living beings. They have spirits, they have families just like we do and they show more compassion and love for other species then humans do. If you don’t like animals or don’t want to take care of them, why have one or two or five?  Because your kids want them? NO. They aren’t toys that can just be tossed aside when they are bored with them. If you bring animals into your home, they need to be treated with the same love and respect you expect to get. They need love, to be fed, cuddled, and played with too. If I had the money and room, I’d have a lot more than my two rat babies but then I also love and respect animals, of all kinds.

I don’t always agree with zoos and I don’t like animals to be in cages, BUT, there are some situations where it is better for them. Like those that are rescued because they were injured, abandoned, found tangled up in fishing line, etc. Some animals are injured to the point where they could not survive in the wild and those that help them and give them somewhere to live out the rest of their days (or years) are angels as far as I’m concerned. I used to love going to Sea World and the various zoos growing up, but that was before I grew up and found out about the horrible things that these wildlife go through. Not ALL parks and zoos are bad. I’ve been to a couple that give their wildlife plenty of space and are helping educate the young on mammals, insects, etc that they might never see in their life. As long as they are being taken care of and healthy, I have no issue.

One last thing. I understand there are a lot of people out there that are vegan/vegetarian and will not eat meat. I understand there are people that cannot eat certain things due to health reasons ( i have my own issues so I truly understand) — however, I would ask that you all stop and realize that not everyone has the same health issues and that stuffing pictures of dead or cut up animals in other people’s faces does NOT help your cause. It pisses a lot of people off yes and it helps get the point across, HOWEVER, there are people that are very sensitive and have anxiety issues and seeing photos like that constantly on FB/Twitter/Instagram/etc do NOT help and can be very hurtful and stressful.  Yelling and screaming and cussing at people that choose to eat meat is also NOT helping you. I am all for saving animals, but I was raised on meat, I like the taste of meat, AND I have iron deficiencies that red meat helps combat. Yes, I am aware that there are other foods that have iron, and supplements as well. 1) I will not eat a lot of the other iron-rich foods, although I do eat some, but they are a lot more expensive and 2) I cannot take iron supplements as my system rejects them and makes me extremely sick. We all realize you are trying to get people to make changes in a lot of the slaughterhouses, but YOU have to realize that everyone is different and has different tastes and screaming at them and calling them names does nothing but make YOU look bad and doesn’t make people want to help you. Same goes for those that DO like meat. Stop giving the vegans/vegetarians a hard time. We all have to eat…its OUR choice what we do or don’t eat, sometimes it’s not our choice thanks to health reasons,  and NO ONE should tell us one way or the other.

As for the training animals for attack/fighting, to me it depends on the situation. I agree that animals should be trained to PROTECT…but if it goes beyond that — like training to attack certain people due to their color as has been done by MANY people and to fight other dogs, just..NO. That is wrong in every sense of the word. They are living beings, not weapons and they sure as hell should not be used to fight each other. That makes me more sick than I can even describe and boggles my brain.

So, one last thing on animal abuse. If you think that animals are just things to be used and abused, DON’T GET AN ANIMAL. Don’t give your kid an animal, it better be because you KNOW they can take care of them and treat them good, not cause you want them to shut up about it or think they should have it just cause they asked. Learn to say no once in a while — You are not only saving the life of a precious living being, you are also saving yourself a lot of aggravation, frustration, and making sure another animal doesn’t end up in the pound and facing possible death.







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